Learning training guide for career development psychometric methods​ – Inspire

Learning training guide for career development psychometric methods​

Learning training guide for career development psychometric methods​

This Learning training guide aims to INSPIRE young people to create strong TEAMS for ensuring the success of their Social Enterprise. If you seek for information about social enterprises but most importantly your skills and possible role in them this guide is for you.

Τhe means by which it seeks to achieve this is through developing a toolkit for assessing the skills and competences as well as personality and career characteristics of young people (age 18-24) and empowering them to develop efficient teams and companies. The guide is built over strong foundations via research and desktop study, and present approaches, assessment tools and activities which can help young entrepreneurs, as well as their trainers, to choose their exact role in a team and further develop their career.

Table of Contents

Learning training guide for career development and psychometric methods       

A Project Overview        

Objectives of the Learning training guide for career development and psychometric methods      

Methodology undertaken for the development of the learning training guide for career development and psychometric methods 

Introduction to key concept      

Career development & Vocational Choices           

Personality, Skills and Competencies      

Entrepreneurship: Competencies & Roles            

Working Groups vs TEAMS          

Methods – Approaches – Activities          

Career development and vocational choice theories      


What is a career development theory?

Popular career development theories    

Most popular assessment methods and tools for Career choice and development             

How can these methods and tools be used for identifying yourself as social entrepreneur?           

Assessing personality   


What is Psychometric Tests?      

 What Do Psychometric Tests Measure?

Most commonly used Psychometric tests             

When & How (which method) to apply Psychometric tests?         

How these tools can be used to identify your role in social entrepreneurship?     

Roles, skills and leadership in social enterprises

The Social Entrepreneur’s Personality    

Roles in a social enterprise         

Skills for successful participation in a Social Enterprise    

Communication skills     

Leadership skills               

Planning and strategy skills         

Organizational skills        

Differences between Social & Commercial Enterprises that interfere your Choice            

Differences regarding Mission   

Differences regarding the Capital / Financial structure    

Differences regarding the Management structure            

Differences regarding Roles/Responsibilities attributed 

Differences regarding Organizational & Legal structure  

Team building  


The role of teambuilding in Social Enterprises    

How to strengthen your social enterprise team through teambuilding     

Team-building Tools and Activities           

Effective use: examples of assessment tools & activities              

Psychometric or other assessment tools addressing Skills, Competences and/or Personality for career choices               

Psychometric or other assessment tools that support the identification of the appropriate role that you could choose to incarnate       

Team building tools and/or activities      

“Inspire” Project Activities